Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's Go Up In The Goldstar Tower

Last Fall a reporter and photographer were on campus for a story about University President Tom McDaniel. They had some questions about the Goldstar building and mentioned they were going up into the tower to take some photos and invited me to accompany them. The tower has been on lockdown for many years. No one is allowed up there unless it is absolutely necessary and OCU Security must escort them. So I thought I better go now if I ever wanted to see what the tower was like.

We ascended the first fifteen stories or so using a combination of concrete steps and the hanging steel staircase you see in the photos. The steel staircase seems sturdy but as we approached the top it started shaking. The reporter accompanying us got sick and went back down. The final leg of the journey involves climbing the narrow steel ladder. Wasps swarmed in as I neared the small door leading to the top of the tower. Exit the door and you can walk around the top of the tower on a narrow walkway. A low railing is the only thing separating you from the ground, 286 feet below. The view is spectacular. If you have a fear of heights this is definitely not the place for you.