Thursday, March 6, 2008

Law Libray Interface For Your Blackberry, iPhone, or Other Mobile Device

Do you use a web enabled cell phone, iPod touch, iPhone or other wireless device with internet access? The law library has created a special page optimized for viewing on mobile devices that provides access to legal research resources.

Click HERE to access:
-A version of the law library catalog optimized for use on handheld devices
-Westlaw Wireless
-Hein Online's Mobile Devices Interface
-And other legal research resources for handled devices

Read more about Hein Online's new interface below.

OCU law library patrons should click here to access Hein Online's Mobile Mode, enter their OCU user name and password, and then click "Subscribers Click Here"

If you are accessing HeinOnline from an iPhone, it should auto-detect your iPhone and automatically select the mobile mode for you. Users of other devices should check that they are in Mobile Mode by looking under "Options" on the right hand side of the screen.

The mobile interface may look a little bit different depending upon the type of mobile device you are using, but the functionality will work the same on all devices. Below is an example of the interface on an iPhone and what you can expect it to look like.

With the optimized interface, access articles in HeinOnline from your PDA, Blackberry, iPhone, or other electronic device. Do your research while waiting for class to start or while waiting for a meeting at the office! No matter where you are, we're putting HeinOnline at your fingertips in an accessible format.