Friday, April 4, 2008

Great Summer Job for Law Students

This summer OCU Law will host another group of law students from Nankai University from July 19 – Aug. 16. A very important part of the program is the group of OCU Law Student Ambassadors who are paid to attend events and spend time with the students.

Ambassadors are paid $10 per hour to accompany the students to professional and cultural events around OKC. You can use the professional events to promote yourself to potential employers as you will be meeting and having lunch with lawyers at the largest firms in town, Federal judges, OK Supreme Court Judges, the Attorney General, and other big shots in the legal profession.

Your admission and meals will be paid at all the cultural outings which included the following last year: Opening Banquet at Ted’s, Closing Banquet at Iron Star, Western Heritage Museum, Shopping and Movie Trip, Norman Trip, Guthrie Trip, Powwow, OKC Art Museum, Bombing Memorial, Redhawks Game, and dinner at faculty members houses.

Ambassadors who worked last year include: Lori Allen, Anitra Abdullah-Levy, Alex Tian, and Amber Webb. I think they had more fun than they expected – ask them about it. Some pictures and a description are available here.

Lori has graciously agreed to work as an ambassador again this year. This is a fun job that could help you make connections with the local bench and bar and your service to OCU would be greatly appreciated.

We plan to have 18 students, 3 professors and possibly some Chinese lawyers coming this summer. As I mentioned the job pays $10 per hour and you can expect to work a total of around 30-40 hours. The work is mostly in the afternoons and early evenings during the week and some weekends. We can work to accommodate your work or school schedules.

e-mail me ( if you are interested.