Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Laptop Security Anchor Points and Locks

Laptop anchor points are installed throughout the law library. You will find these in every study room and at various tables and carrels in each wing of the law library. To use the anchor points follow these steps:

1. Pass the loop end of the cable lock through the anchor point.

2. Pass the lock end of the cable lock through the loop end of the cable lock.

3. Secure the lock end to your laptop's security slot by pushing in the button on the back of the lock. Most laptops have security slots.

The cable lock needed to secure your laptop to the anchor point is inexpensive (around $25) and can be purchased at many local stores (Best Buy, Wal Mart etc …). The law library has several cable locks available for checkout from the circulation desk. These are available for use inside the law library only.

It is never a good idea to leave valuables unattended in the law library. Anchor points and cable locks are not a 100% guarantee against theft but they make it much more difficult for a thief to make off with your computer. Several laptops were stolen last year from the computer lab. In an informal survey conducted last week library staff counted 41 unlocked and unattended laptops at different times in the law library. Hopefully, these anchor points and laptop locks will help prevent future thefts.