Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LawCite - Shepards for International & Foreign Law

In Advanced Legal Research - Foreign, Comparative and International Law we discuss how there is no citator for international courts. Well this has changed a bit with the introduction of LawCite:

Graham Greenleaf and the team at the Australian Legal Information Institute have released LawCite Alpha. LawCite Alpha provides, free of charge, case citations from international tribunals, such as ICJ and ICTY, and dozens of foreign courts, including Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Thailand, South Africa and the United States. The database includes common law and civil law jurisdictions. Fortunately, the search interface is quite forgiving, so there is no need to worry about spacing and periods, as long as the citation is correct. In addition to citations, one can search by jurisdiction, party name and legislation. LawCite Alpha also contains citations to law journal articles, searchable by citation, author, and title.

Hat tip to Legal Research Plus for the content of this post.