Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OCU Law School Wins with Maps 3

According to the Daily Oklahoma, Maps 3 passed yesterday with a vote 40,956 yes, 34,465 no. This continuation of a one cent sales tax over the next seven years is slated to improve the downtown area. It includes the construction of a new convention center, a 70-acre park, and aquatic health centers for senior adults. It also provides for repairs and improvements for sidewalks, walking trails, the fairgrounds, and facilities on the Oklahoma River.

OCU Law School also possibly benefits from Maps 3 passing. The passing of Maps 3 is one the primary conditions for moving the Law School downtown. In fact, the introduction of public transit to the downtown area including streetcars and a possible commuter rail will make it possible for law students to travel to a downtown law school without exorbitant cost in parking.

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