Monday, March 1, 2010

Smart Phones and Public Records

Many of us remember the news surrounding Barack Obama the Candidate and his beloved Blackberry smart phone. Most of the concern focused on the ability to track each and every communication going into or out of the smart phone, creating a logistics nightmare. As mentioned in the link above, President Obama has been allowed to keep his Blackberry...even though it is a, let's say, rare model.

NPR recently highlighted a story coming out of Florida concerning public records laws and the increased use of technology:

"State leaders in Florida are in a battle with technology: new forms of communications that make it difficult for public officials to follow the law.

The state has one of the best government public record laws in the country. Virtually every public document is accessible to the public. And though the state is embracing the perks of advanced technology — the Legislature just started piloting the use of electronic meeting packets, instead of printing them on paper — the use of cell phones and BlackBerrys is causing concern. It's simply too difficult to archive all communications."

Listen to the story or read more here.

Photo Credit: Jae C Hong/AP